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Universal Construction Connection Fastener


EMA CONSTRUCTION FASTENER, thanks to its useful design, it can be easily connected to concrete, wood, steel structures and steel construction connection adapters in all structures. Thanks to its patented special jaw design, it perfectly grasps the service element (Pipe & Angle) that connects it with the standard seismic hanger. When the head of the specially designed fixing bolt reaches the calculated torque value, it breaks; It provides safe, easy and simple to control assembly.  It can be used in transverse, longitudinal and four-way seismic suspension applications. It can be connected to the building connection element with 1”-2” suspension pipes and ¼” iron angle iron. It is made of steel material and all parts are coated with electro galvanization method.  It meets all seismic suspension requirements of NFPA-13.

EMA is ready to assist you for your design and manufacturing works.

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