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Pigging systems

EMA is not designing and manufacturing pig systems only, but also providing pigging tools as well.

EMA is well known worldwide for the quality and perfrmance of its pipeline pigging tools.

EMA is always working so close with its clients to design and produce pigging tools which offer the best solutions to the pipelines. In order to achieve this, EMA utilises its design and engineering expertise to develop pigging tools that are focused to meet the specific requirements of each pipeline.

EMA designs and manufactures a full range of pigs including but not limited to:

Foam Pigs

Metal Body Pigs

Solid Cast Pigs


EMA pigging tools allow operators to carry out; Seperation and batching, Cleaning, Gauging, Product Removal, Wax Removal, Debris Removal, Black Powder Removal, Condensate Removal and more.

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