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EMA air foam pourers include a foam enlargement chamber and an necessary foam maker with a stainless-steel screened air inlet. Each pourer consists of an orifice plate,  inlet gaskets, vapor seal parts, cover gasket, and an outlet gasket. The required deflector  and optional mounting pad are offered separately.


The foam deflector directs  foam stream down the tank sidewall to reduce the submergence of  foam and agitation of the gasoline surface. The cut up deflector permits for both bolting or welding to storage tanks whilst set up can be completed from each facets of the tank wall as with newly built tanks. The cut up deflector additionally permits for insertion of the deflector via the flange establishing from the outside wall as is frequently required with tanks already in service.


Foam pourer is being fabricated in 4 sizes and including  foam deflector. Foam Pourer is utilized in one of the maximum common programs to defend vertical constant roof (cone) liquid storage tanks, without or with internal floating roof with the low expansion foam system.

EMA is ready to assist you for your design and manufacturing works.

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