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EMA foam concentrate products provides foam solutions for a many different range of firefighting challenges, including marine,  mining, municipal, industrial, oil & gas, petrochemical, aviation, transportation and construction. EMA foam concentrates are approved or meet the requirements  of common industry specifications and standards such as:


     UL 162

     FM Approvals - FM 5130


     UL 139



     ULC S564

     USDA/USFS Spec 307a

     IMO1312, MED B/D

     ULC S560




EMA AFFF foam concetrates combine fluoro- and hydrocarbon-surfactant technologies to provide maximum fire and vapor suppression for Class B, hydrocarbon  fires. Subject foam concentrates also have excellent wetting properties that can effectively combat Class A fires and can be used in conjunction with dry chemical agents to provide even bigger fire suppression performance.

EMA is ready to assist you for your design and manufacturing works.

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