As EMA (a Regbar brand), we offer the best products, services and support that best fit to your needs of Dowel Bar. We produce epoxy coated, galvanized, stainless Dowel Bars.


Dowel Bars are placed in the transverse joints of the concrete floor and they play a part in the transfer of partial shear load from a floor to adjacent floor. Dowel Bar also allows axial thermal expansion and contraction of the concrete slab along the shear axis.


Half of the length of this bar is embedded in one of the concrete slabs and the rest is adhered to the adjacent slab. One end of the rod is kept free for movement during expansion and contraction of the slab depending on temperature change.


Dowel Bar is used to transfer the load from one slab to other, while allowing axial thermal expansion along the shaft axis. Stainless Dowel Bar is usually made of flat round material. They offer a corrosion-resistant solution that is resistant to connections in concrete or other structural applications. Dowel Bars suitable for most requirements in material categories and strengths are available.


Carbon Steel: ASTM A615 / 615M: Gr40 、 Gr60 / Gr75

Stainless Steel: 304 / 304L 75 316 / 316L 、 S31803 M S32205 A S32304

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