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EMA designes and manufactures and distributes a wide variety support stands for IBCs. The stand holds up to 15.000 kg of weight and allow easy access for valve connections and provides an effective barrier between the IBC and base floor.

EMA IBC stands provide a safer work environment by allowing an improved ease access for container connections. The stands are tubular carbon steel constructed with 7 gauge top platform and front and rear stops. These stands are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The stands feature a durable powder-coated surface painted to Hoover blue color, and also available in custom colors.

EMA designes manufactures hundreds of intermediate bulk containers and bins (IBC's) per year.

EMA is designing and fabricating the IBC Stands suitable just for your operation.

EMA designes and fabricates a variety of distrubition solutions for pipeline applications.

EMA has been operating by well equipped  ownership with experience for over 10 years and has the experience and expertise to provide you the best and most economical  filtration equipments for your operation/project.

We are pleased to provide you with the following specifications for IBC that you can use in your project packages.

EMA IBC Stand Features are listed below;

  • DNV  certified
  • Safe for offshore transportation
  • Marine grade paint/coating
  • DNV certified slings
  • DNV certified pad-eyes
  • Load and NDT / MPI tested
  • Stackable, front loading design
  • DNV-certified frame: meets all requirements of DNV 2.7-1
  • Lifting capabilities: (4) NV lifting lugs (product complies with all applicable DNV standards and regulations)
  • 4-legged sling assembly with 45 degree sling angle
  • Removable hold down bars: secures IBCs into frame
  • Fork lift: 4-way fork lift entry
  • Weight capacity up to 15.000 kg

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EMA product is mainly being used for below industries.

icon1-oil-and-gasOil & Gas


icon3-refineryPower & Energy

icon4-paperPulp & Paper

icon5-miningMetals & Mining

icon2-waste-waterIndustrial Water & Waste Water

icon1-chemicalChemical & Petrochemical Process

icon3-beverageWine & Distillery

icon3-beverageFood, Beverage & Flavors

icon4-paintPaint & Coating

icon5-pharmacyPharmaceutical & Cosmetics