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EMA  foam bladder tank system is a system for mixing foam concentrate with water. A major advantage of the foam bladder tank system is that it can be installed in the main flow and subsequently it doesn't need an external energy supply. The integrated water reference test option offers a functionality test without foam consumption.

The system consist of two main components:

  1. Foam Bladder tank with internal rubber bag (bladder)
  2. Measuring part  or proportioner

EMA designes manufactures hundreds of bladder tanks per year.

The bladdertank can be supplied in a different number of standard sizes up to a capacity of 12.000 liter.
The proportioner, can be supplied from DN40 up to DN350

EMA bladder tanks are being offered as two different type: Vertical and Horizontal.

All offered type has different options as Pre Piped or Not Pre Piped.

EMA Foam Bladder Tank Technical Features

Tank: Carbon steel, ASME code
Bladder: Welded Seam Thermoplastic
Internal Piping: Perforated PVC, Sch. 80
External Piping:
Water Side: Carbon Steel,Sch. 40, Screwed
Fm. Conc. Side: Brass, Sch.40, Screwed
Valves: Ball valve with locking handle, bronze body, and brass or chrome plated brass ball
Fill Funnel: Polyethylene, 7½” diameter cup x 1” male NPT spout

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