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EMA offers a variety of Demister Pad includes Wire Mesh Demister Pads and Filter Demister Pads for different process equipments handling liquid and vapor. Due to carry over of liquid particulate matter by gas or vapour, termed as entrainment is common in gas-liquid separations. It causes material loss and adversely affects the operational efficiency of the system. Constructed in a simple and light weight structure, it works by coalescing liquid droplets of smaller sizes. It results in increased collisions among the liquid drops forcing them to stick together in order to form bigger droplets that are too heavy to rise with the gas stream.

EMA fabricated Demister Pads collect essentially 100% of all liquid particles 2 to 5 microns in diameter, depending on design parameters.

Available in virtually any size or shape, in a broad range of metals or plastics, individual styles of Demister pads  can be supplied to meet specific customer needs. Stainless steels and exotic alloys are fully annealed to provide maximum corrosion resistance.

EMA is designing and fabricating the Demister Pads suitable just for your operation.

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